Ask Jayne

How do I make my flowers last as long as possible?

If they are pre-arranged in florist foam make sure the container is kept topped up with fresh water. Hand tied arrangements should be taken out of the water “bubble” if there is one. Always re-cut stems and place in a suitable vase of fresh water. Refresh the water frequently.  It’s the bacteria which grows in the water that will shorten the life of your flowers. Use flower food if available. Never use lemonade or sugar in the water. It’s a myth that flowers feed from the sugar it contains. It will only ever serve to feed the bacteria. Always keep your flowers in the coolest part of the room, away from radiators, direct sunlight and draughts and pick off any dead leaves or flowers as they appear. Enjoy!


I’m getting married and have a limited budget. How can I make my money go further?…

Most popular flowers are available all year round. Roses, Lilies, Gerbera, Lissianthus, Orchids, Freesias etc. Avoid flowers such as Peony, Sweet Peas, Stocks unless they are in season when they make an excellent choice and are good value for money. If you are getting married around Valentine’s, Mother’s Day or Christmas expect to pay more for your flowers. Supply and demand makes all flowers more expensive.
Reuse flowers wherever possible. Maid’s bouquets can look great in dressed containers placed on the top table, for example. One stunning pedestal can be used for the ceremony and moved to the function room afterwards. One or two fabulous arrangements will look far better than several smaller ones scattered throughout the venue. Re-use registry table arrangements for either the top table or cake table.
Don’t be afraid to discuss your budget with your florist. We are experienced in getting the best out of your budget, it’s part of our job!

How much do wedding flowers cost?

Each wedding is different but as a guide allow around 5-6% of you total budget for flowers. Some brides spend less and some will spend proportionately more depending on how important flowers are in the overall theme.

Any further questions just drop me an email, I’d be happy to help if I can.